Sponsoring 60 Top Innovations

June 22, 2017

    At the Isaac Partnership we are very proud to be sponsoring Business & Innovation Magazines Top 60 Innovations in the South West. The magazine wanted to celebrate and showcase the amazing innovations from across the region, which is something we really support.

    Britain is third in the Global Innovation 2016 Index and we understand the importance of supporting British manufacturing in order to maintain and improve on this position. We believe in supporting British manufacturing by helping to drive sales around the world and connecting UK businesses with each other, enabling them to form strategic partnerships and share knowledge and skills.

    We recently became strategic partners of Made In Britain whose aim is to ‘bring together the entire manufacturing community in the UK’. This is a movement we are hugely excited to be involved with and will use our skills and over 20 years of experience to make it a success and to benefit the industry.

    If you would like to find out the amazing ideas the Isaac Partnership will have for your innovations then check out our website  https://www.isaacpartnership.co.uk or give us a call on 01453 823867.